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Robert Frederick Smith

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Robert Frederick Smith

American Investor & Philanthropist

Born: December 1, 1962


Robert Frederick Smith serves as a member of the board for Columbia Business School and chairman of the board for Carnegie Hall, where he has made history as the first African American to hold the office.


Smith is best described as a businessman, investor and philanthropist. He is the founder and CEO of Vista Equity Partners.


He is the richest black man in America and the second wealthiest African-American after Oprah Winfrey.


While working as a Chemical engineer with Kraft General Foods, he earned himself 2 patents each from the US and Europe. In time, he also worked as an investment banker with Goldman Sachs.


Robert Frederick Smith has been a vibrant figure in the technology sectors. The billionaire has been awarded a good number of humanitarian awards and honours. Smith is a philanthropist who has enormous respect for human rights.


Smith’s equity company was founded in 2017. Beyond reasonable doubt, it is a leading private equity firm which is devoted to supporting tech-startups.

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