The Women I Love

Oluwatoyin Onigbanjo // Nigeria

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Oluwatoyin Onigbanjo // Nigerian

Child Nutrition Educator, Recipe Developer and Nigerian baby food manufacturer.


She holds a Master’s Degree in Public and International Affairs from the University of Lagos and a Diploma in Child Nutrition from Stanford University Continuing Studies.


She is the founder of Augustsecrets Nigeria, a growing food company with a focus on natural, home-grown innovative meals for babies and toddlers. She recently launched her Baby & Toddler recipe book selling to hundreds of mothers within and outside Nigeria.


With strength in food art, she is often called The Picky Eater Specialist because of how she helps mothers get their children to love healthier meals. She was the first runner-up at the food art competition organised by Samsung Nigeria in 2016.


While working at her 9 to 5 job, Toyin started making her own range of baby meals from her kitchen in 2016 and has since then expanded to selling in 15 Nigerian cities, Ghana, UK and USA reaching over 60,000 mothers from all over the world using the digital media. She has been featured on various media platforms and taken part in CSR projects involving women and children. Her company, Augustsecrets, was listed among the 100 Most-Innovative Female-owned businesses in Nigeria by SME100. It also won the Bell-Africana award for the Most Innovative Company in Nigeria in 2017.

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